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How to easily recover from Ransomware in minutes

Ransomware is now one of the biggest threats to your data. Nobody wants to be in a position of being locked out of all of your data and facing the prospect of having to pay a ransom or accept the impact of data loss and downtime by restoring from backups. When you use a DRaaS Read MoreRead more

Financing IT – Cloud Moves Your Business from CapEx to Opex

How IT is financed has long been a topic for debate. For many CFO’s and company owners, IT is little more than a cost to be controlled and seldom seen as an asset to the business. Over the past few years, there is a growing shift in preference towards away from the traditional CapEx model, Read MoreRead more

Cloud File Sharing and Storage Solutions – Key Points to Check When Evaluating New Services

Organisations from every sector are now looking to enable greater collaboration and efficiency through cloud based file sync and sharing solutions, which also allow users to store files in the cloud and access them from any device – from desktops to smartphones. The broad range of free consumer choices are great for individual use, but Read MoreRead more

Running Servers and Desktops from the Cloud – Will It Make Sense for Your Business?

With the success of cloud computing platforms like Office 365, businesses in every sector are seeing the benefit of running applications from the cloud instead of having to own and manage all the hardware and software directly. The problem is you’re still left running your own servers to run your other applications such as accounts, Read MoreRead more

Lowering Business Risk – Can Cloud Technologies Help?

Businesses have traditionally looked at IT either as something that gave you increased productivity and more efficient processes, or something you had to have because everyone else was doing it and you didn’t want to be left behind. With the advent of cloud technologies, IT can now bring about genuine reduction in business risk – Read MoreRead more

Storage And Sharing The Smart Way

Businesses and organisations are now looking to enable greater collaboration and efficiency through cloud-based file sync and sharing solutions, which also allow users to store files in the cloud and access them from any device. The range of free consumer services are great for individual use but were not designed for businesses. Although many of Read MoreRead more

Disrupting the disaster recovery model

Time and money are two of the most valuable commodities in any business, but the traditional approach to disaster recovery [DR] usually asked too much of both. Lately however, we’re seeing two trends pushing DR into conversations at senior management level. One: growing numbers of companies are caught in the compliance net. For example, bidding Read MoreRead more

Migrating to Office 365 – things you need to be aware of

Office 365 is a very powerful platform that enables businesses and individuals to consume Microsoft’s Office products in a software as a service model (SaaS), paid for each year as a subscription. You pay for the number of people who are going to be using the service and the cost depends on the package of Read MoreRead more

Analyst Report Outlines How Dropbox Puts Your Business at Risk and How to Fix It

If you’re part of the 81% of companies without an enterprise file sync and share (EFSS) solution implemented across your company, you likely know that your users are using Dropbox or something similar. But you might not have considered all of the ways that consumer file sync-and-share systems (CFSS) – such as Dropbox – put Read MoreRead more

Five Backup Industry Predictions In 2015 By Asigra

According to EVP Eran Farajun EVP Eran Farajun shares Asigra, Inc.‘s 2015 prediction and outlook for the cloud backup industry Enterprise IT is evolving at a rapid pace with new platforms to address emerging business demands. The integration of mobile devices, cloud adoption by business, expansion of data repositories and a general trend toward centralization is changing the way IT is consumed and managed.Read more

Quick Facts About Microsoft Office 365

Office 365 Home (previously Office 365 Home Premium) has 4.4 million subscribers and growing! Microsoft Office now has one billion users.Read more

Top Four Questions From Our Recent Cloud Storage And Archiving Event

Q1. Can you help us archive to the cloud if I currently keep archives on tape? Yes – no problem, we can set up EMC Twinstrata CloudArray as a NAS or an iSCSI SAN that is connected to the Savenet cloud object storage and use your tape backup software to restore your archive data to a UNC path Read MoreRead more
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