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Dave O’Donoghue, IT Operations Manager, Laya Healthcare

“Laya Healthcare is the second largest provider of private health insurance in Ireland, and we’re proud to look after over 580,000 members.  We have a team of around 500 people, located between our offices in Cork and Dublin.

In 2015, Laya became part of AIG, one of the strongest insurance organisations in the world with over 90 million customers in 100 countries.

In 2016 – we decided to further strengthen our business continuity systems to ensure we were as resilient as possible. We invited several companies to tender for our new disaster recovery solution.”


Brendan Murphy – Project Manager, Laya Healthcare

“We had very demanding requirements for our DR solution . The new disaster recovery system had to ensure that in the event of a major incident, our team could carry on looking after our members and our web site could continue to work. We also needed to ensure that in the event our main HQ building was unavailable for whatever reason, that we could quickly put in place contingency plans to ensure we offered our members a certain level of care and service e.g. answering their questions, handing their claims and processing sales.

Protecting our members’ personal data is of critical importance to our business, so we needed a robust and disaster-proof DR solution in place to safeguard this sensitive information and ensure our business operations run smoothly in the event of an incident.

The DR solution had to provide a fully managed service for 60 Virtual Servers and 30 TB of data.  The solution had to include a complete a DR application run book, integrated with existing business continuity plan (BCP) documentation.

We wanted an recovery point objective (RPO) of less than 30 minutes and a recovery time objective (RTO) of less than four hours. The solution needed to provide fast access for 150 users to critical business applications.

Savenet won the tendering process because they demonstrated very high levels of experience and technical knowledge around disaster recovery. They also proposed the best technology for our needs.

During the tendering and selection process – it was obvious that Savenet are specialists in disaster recovery and their attention to detail was very impressive!”


Project Description – Lorcan Cunningham – CTO of Savenet 

We designed the solution for Laya around Zerto technology. We chose Zerto to be the central component of the solution because it’s the best technology in the market for virtual machine replication.  We had already implemented Zerto for several customers prior to Laya Healthcare – and it has proven itself to be extremely reliable –  and truly an enterprise-class product.

Another reason we chose Zerto is because it can scale to any level and provides other benefits too, for example; it provides great protection from ransomware attacks, due to its ability to roll back a server to a point in time – milliseconds before the ransomware took hold.

In terms of the architecture – a dedicated leased line was put in place for Zerto replication. For Tier 1 & 2 Applications – Zerto was deployed to replicate the 60 VMs to the Savenet cloud. To mimic Laya’s internal security design, we deployed a production virtual data centre and a DMZ virtual data centre, with 15 different VLans and networks.

The solution also provides Virtual Desktops for 150 users to be deployed via secure gateway to the Internet – to allow users to access their critical applications from anywhere.

The entire solution is fully managed by the Savenet team in Dublin.


Brendan Murphy – Project Manager, Laya Healthcare

“The solution we have now involves protecting 60 mission critical virtual machines (VMs) and applications with Zerto.  VMs are continuously replicated into Savenet’s cloud environment. In the event of a DR invocation – 150 critical users can quickly access their applications via Cloud desktops.

Our local IBM business continuity site is enabled – so Laya staff can work from there if our building is unavailable.

In terms of performance results:

• The recovery point objective (RPO) we required was less than 30 minutes – and we are currently achieving less than 15 seconds on average.

• The recovery time objective (RTO) required, was less than 4 hours – we’re currently achieving less than three hours.

Before signing off – the solution was tested extensively and as standard procedure we have two disaster recovery tests annually.

This gives us great peace of mind that the system will function correctly should we ever have a disaster recovery situation.”


Dave O’Donoghue – IT Operations Manager, Laya Healthcare

“Laya healthcare is dedicated to continuous improvement and excellence in everything we do. A relentless focus on protecting and looking after our members is at the heart of that. The disaster recovery solution we have in place now with Savenet is hugely important to us.

It reduces our business risk and really demonstrates our commitment to ensuring we are always available to look after our members.

Another thing we like about the solution is that there is no longer a reliance on our wider Laya healthcare team to perform a DR failover.  Savenet manage everything and monitor the system continually.

They now operate as an extension of our IT team and the knowledge of our environment is shared with them.

This system is flexible and can scale very easily as we continue to grow – and we like that!”


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