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The Health Research Board Clinical Research Coordination Ireland (HRB CRCI) has implemented a File Server in the Cloud solution with Savenet. The HRB CRCI is an independent integrated national clinical research network, providing centralised support in the conduct of multicentre clinical trials (both commercial and academic) across Ireland.

File Server in the Cloud for HRB CRCI

The HRB CRCI central office provides overarching support and expertise, through a range of services and activities to academia and industry.

The HRB CRCI has grown steadily and as the volume of new data is continually growing, the need to manage and share this data in a secure manner became a business requirement. They also wanted to have email on any device for mobility and people working remotely.

As with many organisations of its size, the HRB CRCI did not have a dedicated IT management or IT admin staff in-house. Therefore, they needed a solution that could be implemented and managed by a third party, whilst at the same time providing them with the features of having a simple and secure way to store, access and share their file data.

Due to the highly confidential and sensitive information that is often involved, the requirement for security and data protection is a critical issue for the HRB CRCI.

After an evaluation process, HRB CRCI chose Savenet to provide a solution that removes the need for a traditional in-house file server and allows them to store everything on-site, and in the cloud.

The File Server in the Cloud solution also enables all their users to sync and share their file data across any device – laptop, tablet or smartphone, from any location. All data is stored both on-site and securely in the Savenet Cloud environment, which is located across two tier 3 data centres in Dublin and managed in compliance with ISO 27001 standards.

In addition to providing the same ease of use associated with consumer grade products, this solution also includes high security features such as two factor authentication and a full backup of the data. In the event of the office being put out of use, all the file data is available in the cloud, between the file server in the cloud solution.

Fionnuala Keane, Chief Operating Officer, HRB CRCI said, “We chose Savenet with their file server in the cloud solution because its service could guarantee our files were safely backed up at all times, both on-site and in the cloud. We have the convenience and simplicity of our file server in the cloud, but we also have total peace of mind that in the event of any files being lost or corrupted, we can restore from our local appliance, or directly from the cloud.”

Lorcan Cunningham, CTO of Savenet said, “Our file server in the cloud service is built on Ctera technology, a brilliant software platform that has proved itself to be a first-rate enterprise solution, which we use for our file share service, file server in the cloud and remote office backup solutions. This allows us to provide a powerful fully managed service, giving the HRB CR CI total peace of mind that we take care of everything in the background and they can concentrate on using the data.”