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“Our business uses the Savenet Fileshare solution to handle many types of document sharing and collaboration. It’s used by everyone from senior management to our service engineers who provide the hands-on support and service to our customers in the field. We have found it to be extremely reliable and simple to use. We have full control and audit traceability of all the files being shared and this gives us great peace of mind from a security perspective.”

Turlough Kinane, Director of Thermodial

Thermodial have been using Savenet’s secure file sharing solution since 2014. Thermodial are experts in planned preventative maintenance (PPM) of heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC), BEMS, electrical and water services. Since being founded in 1987, Thermodial have become recognised experts in the field of building service engineering in areas like: commercial heating maintenance, ventilation maintenance and air conditioning maintenance.

They provide expert maintenance services to a wide range of commercial customers in many different business sectors on a 24/7 – 365 basis.

Thermodial use Savenet’s secure file sharing solution since 2014 to share files on any device, both within the business and by their network of engineers and sub-contractors on-site.

It’s used for storing and sharing operations and maintenance manuals, health and safety reports, ISO documentation and procedures.

One very clever use of the technology by the team at Thermodial is how their service engineers use it. The team of engineers who carry out the on-site installation and maintenance of the air conditioning systems use the Fileshare system through the App on their phones and tablets. When they are servicing HVAC plant on a customer’s site, they can instantly access the operations and user manuals for each item of plant via a QR code printed onto the unit. This enables very efficient on-site trouble shooting diagnosis and maintenance with the full manufacturer’s service manual available right there on the engineer’s phone or tablet.

Within the office, people have a simple cloud drive folder, on which they store documents in the usual way. This cloud drive folder is then synced with the file share portal in the cloud, so they can access the same files from any other device.

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