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It’s never been more important to protect and manage your data. So, when it comes to backing up this data, you’ll need a service you can 100% trust. Savenet’s Cloud Backup services gives you this trust by offering bespoke innovative solutions and the highest standard security. We’ve a long history in helping business of all sizes stay protected and feel in control.

How smarter Cloud Back Up benefits you:

The 4 steps to our Cloud Backup solutions

As your IT team will tell you, backup is a labour intensive and often thankless task. But as your dedicated partner we’ll tailor the best solution for you and remove any hassle for you. It’s a service you can rely on so much, you’ll barely know we’re there.

Step 1 - Plan

We’ll help you tailor a back up plan around what data needs to be backed up, data retention and scheduling. This will help you:

  • Minimise data loss
  • Stay data compliant
  • Develop a cost-effective storage and management strategy

Step 2 - Monitor

Once you’re set up we’ll monitor and analyse your data usage daily, so you can make adjustments fast:

  • Enjoy daily reports on the health status and completion of back up sets
  • Get detail of any errors and resolve any issues
  • Keep on top of costs by knowing which sets are being used more frequently and ‘develop faster solutions’

Step 3 - Review

You can also enjoy regular reviews of your back up performance. This will allow you to:

  • Analyse areas of performance or potential issues
  • Quickly adapt your back up service to suit your business needs at a given time
  • Develop solutions for your future back up needs faster

Step 4 - Ongoing proactive support

Our team are on hand to support and manage your data daily no matter how big or small the problem.

  • Manage all restores no matter how big or small
  • Our dedicated engineers are highly skilled, experienced and ready to help
  • No queues or help desk required – chat directly to your own engineer

What our
clients say

Here’s why our clients love our Cloud Backup service:

Thanks to the top-quality service from Savenet we can meet the needs of our ever-expanding global customer base.  Savenets’ solution is robust, resilient and highly cost effective.  They understood our needs and proposed solutions that matched seamlessly with our own processes and had the technical ability to deliver them

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Fausto Teghillo , IT Manager

Munich Re

We would be dead, as simple as that. We are a global Asset Management service provider whose clients require information processed, analysed and collated on a daily basis. If that is not forthcoming, not only do we lose everything; many of our clients would too, based on their reliance on processes they outsource to us.

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John McCann , Managing Director

Mainstream Fund Services Ltd

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