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DMS Offshore Investment Services – Cloud Disaster Recovery Solution


(DMS) is the worldwide leader in fund governance with more than 200 professionals representing leading investment funds with assets under management exceeding $330 billion. DMS provides trusted and comprehensive Fund Governance, FATCA, AIFMD, Banking + Custody, Trust, Corporate and Outsourcing solutions that support investments across a range of structures, and diverse investment strategies. The DMS AIF Manager and AIF Platform focus exclusively on AIFMD compliance implementation in the European alternative investment funds market. DMS employs over 200 people in its offices throughout the Cayman Islands, Dublin, New York, São Paulo, London, Luxembourg and Hong Kong.


DMS, headquartered in the Cayman Islands, required a cloud disaster recovery solution. In the event of a disaster at either of their data centres situated in the Cayman Islands or Dublin – they needed the ability to be able to recover their critical virtual servers with all their data intact within minutes. The solution needed to be able to expand quickly and to be fully managed, including daily monitoring and quarterly DR testing.

The Cloud Disaster Recovery Solution
Savenet have designed and implemented a highly sophisticated trans-Atlantic cloud disaster recovery solution including hosted cloud servers for DMS. The DR solution is built primarily using a platform called Zerto and VMware vCloud Director.

Zerto provides enterprise-class business continuity and disaster recovery (BCDR) solutions for virtualized IT infrastructure & cloud. It is widely regarded in the industry as best in class technology having won “Best of Show” at VMworld 2011, a “Best of VMworld” 2014 award, as well as 2011, 2012, and 2013 “Product of the Year Awards.”

Zerto Virtual Replication, is the industry’s most comprehensive hypervisor-based data replication solution for VMware vSphere & Microsoft Hyper-V. Zerto disaster recovery solutions replace traditional array-based BCDR that was not built to deal with virtual IT environments.

To facilitate the Tier zero application requirements of zero data loss and instant recovery, Savenet worked closely with the DMS networking and applications teams to come up with a solution.

• A private virtual data centre (VDC) was built on Savenet’s vCloud Director Hybrid cloud computing platform to host a domain controller and standby SQL server.

• A complex set of site to site VPNs was created to make this VDC part of the DMS extended network.

• Real-time replication was setup between the live and standby SQL server to ensure zero data loss and instant failover recovery.


To facilitate the twenty Tier 1 application servers, Zerto Software was used to replicate them to a second private Virtual Data Centre on Savenet’s vCloud Director Hybrid Cloud computing platform. An isolated DR testing area was created using virtual firewalls and vLAN networks to allow DR testing to not interfere with live networks.

A second failover DR area was created using an additional virtual firewall, vLANs and multiple Site to Site VPNs, this means the DR environment is only six seconds behind the live servers.

The whole cloud disaster recovery solution is managed on a daily basis by the Savenet DRAAS Team in Dublin. DR testing is performed three times a year with a full failover and failback test being performed twice a year.

Cloud Disaster Recovery Solution – Benefits and Ongoing Development

Technical Benefits
• Tier zero applications Recover Point Objective (RPO) reduced to Zero – with zero data loss.
• Tier zero Applications Recovery Time Objective (RTO) reduced to instant failover.
• Tier 1 Applications Recover Point Objective (RPO) reduced to six seconds.
• Tier 1 Applications Recovery Time Objective (RTO) reduced to one hour.
• The servers hosted in Savenet’s cloud environment enable DMS to achieve zero data loss and instant failover recovery for the critical Tier zero banking application

• RPO for Tier 1 applications is now six seconds.
• The solution is a bespoke design to match and exceed customer requirements.
• The solution was designed and implemented from Dublin without having to leave the country.
• The solution is flexible and can be expanded or contracted on short notice without any capex investment from DMS.
• Reduced risk – there is no longer a reliance on DMS internal staff to perform a DR failover; the knowledge is shared with Savenet.

Commercial Benefits
• Significant risk reduction for the business (located in a hurricane zone) and its critical customer facing applications.
• Very significant savings on long term costs around DR – due to using Savenet managed DR service, there are no requirements for any DMS staff involvement and all data is held in Savenet’s cloud environment in Dublin.
• No capex investment required; solution is opex and billed on a quarterly basis.
• Simplified and reduced the cost of running the whole IT environment, no secondary DR site and hardware to manage.
Traditionally, DMS would have to keep renting their own DR facilities in a hosting provider. They would have to hire a services company to design the architecture, then evaluate and buy the necessary technology and then administer it over the long term. All the while they would have to factor in the cost of depreciating hardware, hardware maintenance costs, recurring software licensing costs. Then, you have the internal IT management cost of all this, which is non-core activity.

Lorcan Cunningham, CTO of Savenet said, “The cloud approach to DR has enabled DMS to lower their business risk whilst reducing their capital and operating IT costs. The cloud disaster recovery solution is a service that can easily scale with their global business growth, with no increase in IT footprint or management, allowing them to focus on core activities.”

Cloud disaster recovery solution - DMS Offshore Investments

Neil Stone-Wigg, CTO of DMS and Lorcan Cunningham, CTO of Savenet

















Neil Stone-Wigg, Chief Technical Officer of DMS said, “With the ongoing global expansion of DMS our strategy was to go to the experts to help us design out a managed global DR Solution. Rather than have to continue to buy double, Savenet are now able to provide us with a high quality, high availability service that we pay on an Op-ex model. The business now benefits from a scalable, robust and resilient solution that is also highly cost effective, thanks to the expertise provided by the Savenet team.”

“We took great care when selecting our partner for something as important as our disaster recovery facility and our experiences so far have proved, both to our technical team and to the executive management team, that we have a great partner in Savenet. Right from the proposal and design phases we had the confidence that Savenet understood our needs, proposed solutions that met them in a way that matched seamlessly with our own processes and had the technical ability to deliver them,” he said.