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Cloud Migration

Moving you to the cloud in 4 straightforward steps

Moving to the cloud brings many benefits to your business. But making the switch can seem so complex it’s hard to know where to even begin. Savenet’s hands-on approach can help you migrate smoothly in just 4 straightforward steps. We’ve been helping business like yours do this since 2008, no matter what size they are or how complex their needs.

Step 1 – Assess

We’ll assess and identify the best cloud strategy for your business by:

  • Establishing your business priorities, goals and objectives
  • Reviewing your existing IT workloads, interdependencies, data sensitivities, performance characteristics, and compliance requirements
  • Doing a cost benefit analysis

Step 2 - Plan

We’ll assess and identify the best cloud strategy for your business by:

  • Roadmapping your journey to the Cloud
  • Reviewing what workloads need to be migrated
  • Establishing the best cloud hosting service for you – public, private or hybrid (see more)
  • Designing your security infrastructure
  • Creating your Cloud Backup and Cloud Disaster Recovery plan

Step 3 – Migrate

Our hands-on approach will ensure a timely and smooth migration by:

  • Creating the most suitable cloud system for your unique requirements
  • Designing and implementing your strategy on five key principles – Rehost, Refactor, Revise, Rebuild or Replace
  • Reducing any costly migration issues or business interruptions

Step 4 - Manage

We can also manage the day-to-day running of your cloud environment by:

  • Ensuring your IT infrastructure can scale with your business needs
  • Helping it adapt to and stay on top of new and existing security threats
  • Ensuring it’s operating at its maximum availability and uptime
  • Being your support port-of-call should something happen

Reshape your future in the cloud

Our world has been transformed and so has the way we work. Moving to the cloud empowers your business to embrace these changes and turn them to your advantage. As your trusted partners, we’ve got the expertise to help you do it. There has not been a smarter time to make the move.

The benefits of working in the cloud:

Cloud Add Ons

Your team can enjoy working in their own safe environment with secure access to all the files, data and applications they need.

  • Ability to work from anywhere
  • Saving costs by reducing your hardware footprint and IT administration time
  • Increased safety and wellbeing of staff through times of uncertainty
  • Increased productivity – happier, more productive staff, reliable, secure and scalable infrastructure
  • One provider, which means one port-of-call and one monthly subscription

As a Microsoft partner, you can enjoy all the benefits of Microsoft 365. This suite of software is ideal for businesses of all sizes.

  • Enterprise-class security and reliability at an affordable cost
  • Efficient, automated administration – freeing up your IT staff’s time
  • User familiarity and increased productivity
  • This suite comes as part of our services, so we’ll provide all the training and support you’ll need.

Moving to the cloud not only transforms your IT infrastructure but your application capabilities too. Our Hosted App service allows you to move any applications (like payroll or accounts) to the cloud that aren’t normally hosted or optimised there. And our cost-per-user model will save money for your business compared to building dedicated servers for these apps.

Public, Private or Hybrid hosting

We’ll tailor how your applications are hosted depending on your business needs and budget:

Public cloud

Enjoy the security, scale and performance of the world’s most trusted public-hosting sites including Azure, Amazon, IBM and more.

Private Cloud

Our own hosting services gives you bespoke, flexible and affordable solutions without being tied into long contracts.

Hybrid cloud

Gain all the advantages of public and private hosting with a tailored hybrid plan that suits your needs.

What our
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Here’s why our clients love our Cloud service:

Thanks to the top-quality service from Savenet we can meet the needs of our ever-expanding global customer base. Savenets’ solution is robust, resilient and highly cost effective. They understood our needs and proposed solutions that matched seamlessly with our own processes and had the technical ability to deliver them

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