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Cloud File Sharing Service

Cloud file sharing and collaboration service – with enterprise class security and management controls, but so simple to use.

The Savenet cloud file sharing service is an enterprise level secure online file sharing and collaboration service – built on CTERA technology. This is designed from the outset to deliver the simplicity and ease of use associated with consumer level file share products, but with the security and management controls which are essential for enterprise IT use. Savenet are the only independent Irish cloud file sharing service provider and we pride ourselves on the enterprise class solution we deliver.

Using the Savenet cloud file sharing service for file storage means you only pay for what you use, safe in the knowledge that the IT administration team have full control over each user’s storage allocation and has a full data tracking audit capability. This means that IT management can have full confidence in the security and integrity of the files that are being shared.

As an Irish cloud storage company, our data centres are located in Ireland, so you always know where your data is. Your confidential data is safe from intrusion and governed by Irish law.

Cloud File Share Service

Cloud File Sharing Service:

  • Easy File Sharing: Collaborate with other departments or third party companies in a secure manner.
  • Data Available Any Time from anywhere: Access data from anywhere on a variety of devices such as PC’s, laptops, tablets & smartphones.
  • Trusted & Secure: With client-side encryption, data at rest encryption in the cloud and user-controlled encryption keys, Savenet File Share provides a secure alternative to non-secure public cloud services.
  • Extend Sharing to Mobile Devices: Savenet FileShare Mobile App integrates with its online file sharing mechanism and provides file access and collaboration capabilities from mobile devices including iPhone, iPad and Android devices.

How is Savenet Cloud Storage and FileShare service different to other online file sharing services?

  • Security – Savenet Cloud Storage and FileShare service offers a higher level of security for cloud file sharing through high levels of encryption when the data is in transit and rest.
  • Access – IT department can control who accesses the cloud storage service and how long they are collaborating data with third parties. Time limits can also be put on collaboration folders.
  • Audit Trail – there is full reporting on what users are uploading and downloading on the cloud storage sync and share service.
  • ISO 27001 – Savenet Solutions are ISO 27001 certified for Information Security Management since November 2014. The scope of the ISMS covers all people, processes, technologies and information assets associated with the provision of Savenet Solutions Cloud Services. Savenet Solutions is audited twice per year by Certification Europe to ensure that we are meeting the standards of ISO 27001.


How Much Does It Cost?

*All prices are ex VAT @23%

  • Small Business

3 – 10 users, €12 per user per month, – minimum purchase of 3 users.

  • Medium Business

11 – 100 users – €10 per user per month,

  • Enterprise Business

101 – 200 users – €9 per user per month
201 users or more – €8 per user per month

CTERA EFSS versus OneDrive for Business
CTERA vs Box
ctera Whitepaper cover

Free Whitepaper – Achieving GDPR Compliance with CTERA

This Whitepaper outlines how the CTERA file platform can help organisations of any size meet GDPR compliance.

The CTERA file services platform enables customers to consolidate and centrally manage files that were previously scattered throughout the organization — on users’ workstations, laptops, mobile devices and departmental servers. CTERA’s built-in security capabilities, data protection, access control, logging and auditing help elevate corporate file security to a whole new level.

Using CTERA, data controllers and processors can define and implement privacy and security policies that govern the access and usage of files, including those that contain ‘personal data.’ Incorporating the CTERA Enterprise File Services Platform into the corporate IT infrastructure is a major step towards meeting the privacy and security rules defined by the GDPR.

Some FileShare Customers

Carlyle Group

The Carlyle Group Modernizes its Office and User File Experience with CTERA

Case Study - ABP Food Group Ireland

The Savenet Fileshare solution enables ABP to securely share files between its processing plants and within company departments. It is also used for sharing certain files with third party suppliers and customers.

Case Study - First Ireland Insurance

First Ireland use Savenet’s File Share solution to share files securely within the business and with third parties.

Case Study - Westward Scania

Westward Scania have been using Savenet’s Fileshare solution since 2014 to share files securely on any device, both with their network of dealers and with Scania corporation in Sweden.

Case Study - Thermodial

Thermodial have been using Savenet’s Fileshare solution since 2014 to share files securely on any device, both within the business and by their network of engineers and sub-contractors on-site.