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Run your servers directly from the cloud

At Savenet we pride ourselves on our record of innovation and bringing great new services to the market. We now provide a flexible cloud servers compute platform for you to run any kind of applications directly from the cloud. This is a great alternative to providers like Amazon and Azure with no hidden unexpected transaction costs and an easy, simple process for getting out of the cloud if you need to.

As with all of our cloud servers / computing solutions, you have total peace of mind when it comes to data residency as we only use world class data centres based in Dublin, Ireland.

Our cloud servers solution allows you to run applications or test and development environments straight from the cloud – with no hidden costs and total transparency of the technology stack in use.

Savenet is an ISO270001 certified company and all of our services are scrutinised and tested to the highest level to ensure security and privacy of your data is at the highest level.

Cloud Servers


Cloud Servers – Run Your File Server from the Cloud

You can also now put your file server in the cloud, with all the capabilities you always had – but without the hardware to manage! Savenet Cloud File Server combines the strengths of cloud storage technology with a traditional file server to enable access from the cloud and from the local area network. Enterprises need a way to access file server content over the Internet, migrate file server content to cloud storage, and present a unified namespace across all distributed file server.

Up to now, businesses have traditionally relied on virtual private network (VPN) solutions to access corporate data, but with a VPN, you will need additional solutions to enable mobile access, web browser based access, sync & share, team collaboration functionalities. You will also need solutions for backup and multi-site collaboration.

The Savenet Solution

Savenet solves these problems by installing agent software on your file server. It intelligently manages local and cloud storage together to provide a range of cloud enablement options.

Key points about Savenet’s cloud file server platform:

  • Full end to end service – assisting the customer with requirement scoping, project design and implementation.
  • Anywhere Access to File Shares – you can attach local file server folders to your Gladinet Cloud account. After the storage is attached, it is accessible online, enabling web browser access and mobile access. At the same time, the file server is still providing network share access over the local area network.
  • Migrate Existing File Shares to Cloud Storage – For the attached local folder, the file server content will be migrated over time to cloud storage. When it is an enabling method for online access, it is also a backup process happening in the background.
  • Global Workspace – You can attach local folders from different file servers to your Gladinet Cloud. It is a global namespace unifying the different file servers into a single folder structure, enabling multiple-site collaboration. It is a distributed file system in the cloud.

For more information on Savenet cloud servers or to request a consultation, please call +353 1 5267750, or email