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Zerto Virtual Replication – for Enterprise Class Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Services

Data centre outages can happen at any time – and you need to be prepared to get your business up and running quickly with minimal data loss. With Zerto virtual replication, the award winning BC/DR software, you can restore any virtualised IT infrastructure in minutes with just the click of a mouse while keeping data loss to seconds – not minutes, hours or days.


Savenet are a leading Zerto partner in Ireland. We implement Zerto Virtual Replication technology in many of our DR solutions, where there is a requirement for enterprise class fail over and fail back capability.

Read our DMS Offshore Investments case study, where have implemented Zerto to provide a world class trans Atlantic DR solution with no data loss.

Key Features of Zerto

  • Replicates the virtual machines, not LUNs. There are no snapshots or agents, meaning zero performance impact to the application.
  • Fully automates the entire failover and failback process with nondisruptive DR testing, providing seamless recovery capabilities.
  • Provides storage agnostic replication – any storage can be used as the source and target site.
  • Is hypervisor agnostic too, including cross-hypervisor replication and migration support for VMware vSphere and Microsoft HyperV.
  • Is software-only so it scales easily and installs seamlessly into your existing infrastructure with no configuration changes.
  • Recovers to any point in time with “Tivo”-like capabilities.
  • Empowers replication and migration to the public cloud such as Amazon Web Services (AWS).


Key Benefits of Zerto

Best in Class DR. Zerto was the first hypervisor-based replication in the industry, delivering RPOs of seconds, RTOs of minutes, and scalability to thousands of VMs.

Installs in under an hour. No infrastructure configuration changes required.

Gives engineers their weekends back. With a click of a button, IT can test failover and failback at any time of day. In addition, the system provides a detailed report of the DR test to upper management and for compliance.

Expands to other use cases. Zerto is a great solution for data center moves, application migration, and BC/DR to public cloud, AWS.

Protects investments in legacy infrastructure. No need to match arrays! Storage agnostic, protocol agnostic, hypervisor & cross-hypervisor agnostic (VMware to Hyper-V).

Reduces infrastructure expenditures (CAPEX and OPEX). Leverage resources from Amazon Web Services in minutes to quickly meet business demands. Reduce administration costs due to Zerto’s ease of use.

Backup & DR in one place. In the rare event that the production and DR site go down, Zerto’s Offsite Backup feature enables a third copy to be stored anywhere, to significantly increase geographic diversity in your DR plan.


Download the free trial of Zerto Virtual Replication software and begin experiencing a world of uninterrupted business today.

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