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Savenet Solutions’ data audit service helps you to really see what data you have, what is active, what you should archive or delete. Not all data is the same! Some data is extremely important and is accessed daily. Other data is not so important and is forgotten nearly as soon as it is created.

Traditionally, all data is stored on the same storage as critical data. This results in performance lags, increased hardware costs and lengthy back up windows.

Data Audit ServiceSavenet solutions data audit service analyses all of your critical data and develops a report based on:

  • Daily data growth
  • File age distribution – last access report/dormant files
  • Duplicate files
  • Breakdown of files by type – doc, excel, MP3, movie, pdf, etc

This information is of huge importance when a company is deciding on the long term management of their data. The report can indicate that the company needs to implement a data archiving solution or simply clean up their data by deleting old data.

This report is also beneficial when deciding what data is critical for an online backup or disaster recovery solution. It is also important to see if there are any MP3/iTunes files are stored on the network.

Illegal storage of music and video files are subject to large fines from the Irish Music Rights Organisation (IMRO) if a company is found to have them on their network. Obviously the only way they could find out is by an audit. Directors need to ensure that their employees are not using the company network as a glorified personal storage unit.

Key Benefits of this Data Audit Service:

Reduce Risk of IMRO €100,000 fine for Company Directors
Eliminate the improper storage of Music & Video files. Under IMRO, it is illegal to keep these files on a company network. If a company is found to have these files, the Directors will be fined up to €100,000.

Highlight space issues on key servers
The data audit will analyze each server and highlight any servers or drives which are nearing 100% usage. Once a server reaches 80% capacity it’s performance will be affected and defragmentation won’t work.

Reduce File Duplication
The data audit will identify the quantity and location of duplicate files. Once identified, you can remove these duplicate files thus reducing your storage.

Reduce backup windows and charges
By identifying non critical data, the IT department can reduce the backup windows and charges by deleting this data.

Analyse key databases
The data audit will analyze key databases by size, thus allowing you to identify what the key Recovery Point Objective and Recovery Time Objective would be for those databases in the event of a disaster.

Identify if Archive solution is required
The data audit will analyse the data by File Age distribution. This will identify what the quantity of files that have not been accessed in over a year. If a company has a large quantity of data that has not been accessed in over a year, we recommend an archiving solution to be installed.


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