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Savenet Solutions is a leading cloud data archiving service provider, covering both email and file server data. For a growing number of organisations in every sector, secure and reliable long term data archiving is essential to achieve compliance standards and maintain legal obligations.

Cloud Data Archiving

The Savenet cloud archiving solution is optimised for long-term data retention as well as security and compliance with data regulation policies. Once in the cloud archive, your data is easily searchable via metadata; protected from overwrites or tampering. The solution provides for any legally specified data retention policies.

Our cloud archiving solution works with whatever email archiving solution you currently use, so you don’t have to change anything with your current archive software setup.

There are many benefits of having an effective email and file archiving solution, here are some of the main ones.


Cloud Data Archiving – Technical Benefits

  • Improve performance of your primary storage, as disk space is freed up by removing aged data – only active and relevant data is stored on expensive primary SAN storage.
  • Increase your email server performance.
  • Faster backups as archive data is removed from primary systems.
  • Frees up physical space in your IT environment – reducing footprint.
  • Reduce time to recover – as archive data is not part of the primary storage backup.
  • No need to change your current archiving software

Cloud Data Archiving – Commercial Benefits

  • Easily satisfy legal compliance requirements and standards.
  • Reduce backup and DR costs.
  • Reduced IT footprint means reducing power and cooling costs.
  • Lowers cost of management and systems administration. This is especially true for organisations with large data retention obligations.
  • Removes the cost of hardware refresh for archiving. Due to the inherently long-term nature of archive storage, multiple hardware refreshes will be required throughout the lifecycle of the data, support contracts must be maintained, and staff turnover taken into consideration.


We have two technical solutions for cloud archiving:

Hybrid cloud archiving solution – designed to meet the requirements of customers who want to keep a full copy of all their data locally, as well as in the cloud. In this scenario all archived data is retained internally on a low cost cloud gateway appliance, with three other copies of this archive in our cloud datacentre. You also have the option for storing an additional three copies of the archive data in our second datacentre for another layer of certainty.

Full cloud archiving solution – where only a cached version of the data is retained on site and all the archive files are stored in our cloud. We keep three copies of your data at one datacentre and you can select to have another three copies at our second datacentre, if you need to have even greater certainty that your archive data is as safe as possible.


Data Retention Policies 

Regardless of which solution you choose, our cloud archiving solutions can meet any data retention policy. Many of our customers require archiving periods of seven years and longer, along with stringent compliance requirements. We only use Irish datacentres so you can rest assured your data is safe and governed by Irish law.

For more information on Savenet or to request a consultation on a cloud service, please call +353 1 5267750, or email