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Access and Share Files Anywhere


Natively access, edit and share all organisational files from any Android, iOS, or Windows mobile device or any laptop/workstation running Linux, Mac or Windows. Share files and folders externally using date-limited links, and access previous versions of files.

Infinite File Capacity


Users enjoy desktop access to an unlimited number of cloud-based files and folders, regardless of the physical storage on their devices.

Shared Workspaces for Teams


User-managed workspaces with no IT involvement required. Read/write, read-only and time-limited user access. Syndicate files to a large audience. No file size or bandwidth limits.

Appliance-Based Sync for Offices


Define files and folders to synchronize or disseminate across multiple offices, allowing roaming users to access files locally wherever they are, and facilitating standardized document and software distribution.

Integrated Backup from a Single Client


Highly efficient, incremental and non-intrusive backup. Retain true snapshots of files separate from synced folders. Designate backup folders and automate scheduling. Access backup files using a browser or mobile app.

integrated backup

Office 365 Integration


Create, edit, and collaborate on Office Online documents while they are still stored within the corporate firewall. Office documents remain privately and safely stored on the Savenet Fileshare platform. Users receive the online editing experience they appreciate.

Move/Extend your File Server to the Cloud


Staff in the office can access files on the server, while remote users can access the same files remotely from the cloud, ensuring that all staff are working on the most up to date data.

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