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Savenet are now a Microsoft Office 365 partner in Ireland. We supply and support the full range of Microsoft Office 365 applications and mobility solutions as part of our managed services suite.

The right technology can be a major differentiator for small and midsize businesses. Modernising your IT can set you apart from your competitors, whatever size they may be. In fact, a study from Boston Consulting Group found that technology leaders—defined as businesses who adopt new technology early—far outperform their peers in the marketplace. They create jobs almost twice as fast as other small and midsize businesses. And they increase annual revenues 15% faster than their peers.

But how do you get there? From cloud computing to the explosion in mobile devices, navigating today’s technology landscape can be difficult. This is where we can help. Microsoft talked to small and midsize businesses around the world to better understand their key issues and initiatives. The result is a set of solutions designed to address the most pressing challenges of businesses like yours.

With our experience and expertise in helping small and midsize organisations—and solutions from Microsoft—we can help you make technology a business advantage.

Here are some of the key benefits of Microsoft Office 365:

  • Enterprise-class security and reliability – One of the best aspects of the cloud is that it makes enterprise-class technologies, as well as their associated benefits, available at a price that smaller companies can afford. For instance, numerous layers of security help protect Office 365’s data centres; stringent privacy policies help keep your data safe.


  • First-rate disaster recovery capabilities – Microsoft’s data centres are fully redundant and are geographically dispersed to help ensure your data is available. This means no more worrying about what would happen to your network should natural disasters or other unforeseen complications occur – with Office 365, you get a financially backed guaranteed 99.9 percent uptime.


  • IT control and efficiency – On any given day, basic IT management tasks like retaining security updates and upgrading back-end systems occupy a great deal of your IT workers’ time, preventing them from focusing their energy on business priorities. Office 365 will handle tasks like these, while still giving your IT staff control over user management and service configuration.


  • User familiarity and productivity – Creating an Office 365 workspace doesn’t necessarily result in a large learning curve for employees. If your business already uses programs like Microsoft Office, Outlook, SharePoint and others, your employees will merely be transitioning to a similar, but cloud-based experience. Moreover, since these programs are hosted on the cloud, employees can access information while on the go, from any laptop, PC or Smartphone, depending on WiFi capability or phone network availability.


Only Microsoft offers a complete, flexible, and trusted platform that spans the entire IT ecosystem, from server to cloud, and desktop to mobile devices.

Especially if you have aging software that is approaching end of support, such as Windows XP, Office 2003, or Windows Server 2003, now is the time to modernise your IT.



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