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CTERA vs Box

 “There’s a lot of competitors out there and we looked at all of them… but CTERA’s security was the best.”  Jeff Pisano, VP of IT, The Carlyle Group


With 150+ vendors in the file sharing market it can be tempting to just choose a well-advertised brand. Yet global, security-conscious organizations like DISA (the US military’s premiere IT group), Santander (the largest bank in the Euro zone), and The Carlyle Group (the world’s largest private equity firm) trust CTERA for their file sharing needs. Sensitive data in your organization deserves the same security as theirs, which Box can not provide.

CTERA is the right file sharing solution for your organization if: your data privacy/sovereignty/governance is important, or you don’t want to be locked into a cloud vendor, or you want a non-disruptive transition from legacy file sharing like NAS.



Sovereignty & Privacy

With CTERA, enterprise organizations decide where they want their data stored: in a virtual private cloud, a hybrid cloud, or 100% on-prem. You have control over data geography, so you can adapt when privacy regulations change. And – your data never has to leave your firewall.

Box’s customer data and metadata leave customer systems and are kept in Box’s systems or a 3rd party’s datacentre. Data geography choices are limited.



While data stored in Box systems is encrypted, Box generates customers’ encryption keys. So Box (under court order) or a malicious actor could keep a key copy and access decrypted information. Box sells KeySafe to address this concern, but Box still generates the key before putting it in the safe.

Customers using Box also relinquish identity management and file metadata – which combine with customer keys to be concentrated cyber-attack vectors. This shared security model is simply unacceptable to certain security-minded enterprises.

With CTERA, enterprise organizations create and control their encryption keys fully. Moreover, all encryption and user authentication happens securely within your perimeter, which avoids the complications of a shared SaaS security model.


Legacy & Remote Access

Modern file sharing platforms neglect remote users who are not all equidistant to the cloud. Other users and applications still require local file servers because they rely on fast network shares.

In response to these issues, organizations are forced to deploy file servers to users who cannot get predictable and robust access to the cloud. The resulting proliferation of legacy and modern file management solutions creates complexity for end users, IT managers and IT governance. CTERA enables you to set an effective corporate sharing policy – external & internal, across legacy & next generation platforms including NAS.

CTERA is the only company to seamlessly integrate enterprise NAS with modern file sharing tools to create a comprehensive file sharing environment that bridges legacy and remote users with modern file collaboration tools to right size data infrastructure for the secure and distributed enterprise.


 CTERA Solution Advantages over Box

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