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CTERA File Server in the Cloud




Most businesses have now come to embrace cloud technology in some form – the most common being the adoption of things like Office 365 and CRM systems in the cloud.  For most professional practices – the last thing you want to be doing is spending more time and money than necessary on IT and managed services. The adoption of these cloud based applications has meant greater flexibility and user access, along with a huge reduction in business risk.

Now its time to consider putting your file server in the cloud.

When you move your file server into the cloud, you keep the same capabilities as you had with the old setup, but you get a lot more. Savenet’s Cloud File Server combines the strengths of cloud storage technology with a traditional file server to enable access from the cloud and from the local area network. It gives end-users the ability to synchronize and share files and folders across all devices and in remote offices, with easy-to-use file sharing and workspaces for team collaboration.

Traditional Model…..

Up to now, businesses have traditionally relied on virtual private network (VPN) solutions to access corporate data, but with a VPN, you need additional solutions to enable mobile access, such as web browser based access, sync & share and team collaboration functionalities. You will also need solutions for backup and multi-site collaboration.

In traditional environments, you have no way of knowing who is sharing what files with anyone, unless you invest in a dedicated 3rd arty monitoring tool.

All this is extra time, money and IT management – just to allow users share files and access documents out of the office.

office server

New Model – File Server in the Cloud…

When you put your file server in the cloud, not only do you get more of all the things you want; access, ease of use, reduced business risk, security etc, you get much less of the things you don’t like – IT management cost and overheads, dependency on isolated vulnerable systems and security headaches.

As part of this solution you also get a comprehensive cloud file sharing service:

• Enterprise level secure online file sharing and collaboration service

• Designed from the outset to deliver the simplicity and ease of use associated with consumer level online file share products like DropBox and Box, but with the security and management controls which are essential for business use.

File Server in the Cloud

The main benefits of moving your file server to the cloud are:

24 x 7 Access – Users can access all their normal files and file share folders from anywhere, anytime – in the office, at home or anywhere on a mobile device, such as a smartphone or tablet with an internet connection.

Full Backups – You have a full backup, constantly updating in the cloud for all your files held in the cloud file server – this removes the need for a local backup of these files.

Easy File Sharing – Collaborate with other firms in a secure manner.

Trusted & Secure – With client-side encryption, data at rest encryption in the cloud and user-controlled encryption keys, Savenet’s file server in the cloud provides a secure alternative to non-secure public cloud services.

Total Control – With this solution, you can have full control over who gets to share what files. Email alerts can be configured to notify the business owner of any and all data being shared or accessed externally, so you always have full visibility of your data.

Data Compliance – Selected data and users can be blocked from sharing data externally for data leakage prevention.

Audit Friendly – Every movement of files and the access history is recorded in a journal and this can be easily accessed to meet any audit requests.

Maximum Security – The Savenet File Server in the Cloud solution is built on Ctera technology – consistently voted the most secure technology of its kind in the world, with military grade security.


Customer Case Study – File Server in the Cloud for HRB Clinical Research Coordination Ireland (HRB CRCI)

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Technical Architecture 

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