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Savenet Predictions For 2015 – Cloud Catches Up In Ireland

We predict 2015 will be the year that the Irish market for cloud services starts to catch up with the UK and others.In the application space, we see a huge change in the number of companies looking to migrate to Office 365 in the next 12 months. The first wave of early adopters are now great reference sites and the majority of users can see it’s really a no-brainer in terms of running Microsoft applications.In the data management space, as data continues to grow exponentially, there will be major growth around cloud services to provide secure archive facilities. This allows companies to maintain their backup and primary storage environments at a set level and by implementing a vigorous archiving solution — customers can maintain compliance with any data audit rules, whilst keeping storage and backup costs under control.

Archiving dramatically improves the performance of your primary storage, as only active and relevant data is stored on expensive primary SAN storage. Backup and recovery times are vastly improved also, as only active data is being backed up. You also have less hardware to manage with all the cost reductions that brings.

Another area of strong growth will be the adoption of hosted desktops and servers in the cloud. This overcomes the problems many organisations have with multiple offices and mobile workforces. Applications are run straight from the cloud onto any device — enabling massive reduction in complexity and time to deployment for hard pressed IT departments.


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