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Savenet Solutions provides a range of data protection and cloud computing services. We are delivering cloud backup, cloud disaster recovery, Tegile storage, cloud archiving and cloud file sharing services to businesses in all sectors. Savenet is a pioneer in the field of cloud computing services in Ireland. Our hybrid cloud services are bringing great benefits to organisations of all sizes.

Savenet Solutions

Since we were founded in 2005, our approach is to combine the best elements of cloud services with in-house IT systems. We are protecting our customers’ data with solutions that are proven with testing, highly scalable and robust. Our cloud backup services, cloud disaster recovery and cloud archiving services are used by over two hundred customers. Businesses from SMEs to large enterprises are using our services in Ireland and globally.

In June 2013, we launched Savenet Fileshare. This is a highly innovative new cloud file sharing service. It is designed to eliminate the problems of consumer file sharing solutions, such as: security, user access controls and audit trails to name a few. Our Savenet Fileshare is the most secure, flexible offering on the market and is totally scalable. It is a secure file sharing platform for organisations of every size.

ISO27001_SavenetSavenet is an IS027001 certified business – we are fanatical about quality. We operate to the highest standards of security and quality control in the industry. We thrive in highly regulated environments such as pharmaceutical production and financial services.

Because we use world class Irish datacentres and the best enterprise technology in the market, you always know where your data is. With Savenet, you have comfort in knowing your confidential data is always secure and governed by Irish law.

For more information on Savenet or to request a consultation on a cloud service, please call +353 1 5267750, or email