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“Our business uses the Savenet Fileshare solution to handle many types of document sharing and collaboration. It’s used by everyone from senior management to our service engineers who provide the hands-on support and service to our customers in the field. We have found it to be extremely reliable and simple to use. We have full control and audit traceability of all the files being shared and this gives us great peace of mind from a security perspective.”

Turlough Kinane, Director of Thermodial


 “We chose Savenet with their file server in the cloud solution because its service could guarantee our files were safely backed up at all times, both on-site and in the cloud. We have the convenience and simplicity of our file server in the cloud, but we also have total peace of mind that in the event of any files being lost or corrupted, we can restore from our local appliance, or directly from the cloud.”

Fionnuala Keane, Chief Operating Officer

Westward Scania

 Savenet Fileshare enables us to easily and securely share workshop software and files with both our dealers and with Scania corporate where Dropbox and Box are not approved as filesharing solutions.”  I also use it as a repository so when I am travelling I can easily download files if I need to, to do presentations etc. where traditionally I would have been relying on a USB flash drive or loading it on my laptop.”

Ray McDonnell, IT Manager

ABP logo

 “We chose the Savenet Fileshare solution for Enterprise File Sync and Share as it was the only one that could guarantee data residency in Irish datacentres and Savenet is an ISO 27001 company.”

“It’s great for us in the IT team, because we have full control and transparency as to who can share what files, with two factor authentications and a full audit trail for additional security.”

Alan Farrelly, Head of IT for ABP Ireland and Poland

First Ireland

“We like the Savenet file sync and share system as it enables us to easily and securely share any kind of files within the business and with our external insurance partners.”

“We wanted something that was easy to use, but highly secure, which gave us full control and transparency of how our critical file data was shared. A key reason we chose the Savenet Fileshare service is that they are an ISO27001 certified company and this is an enterprise class solution with military grade security. It’s as user friendly as a consumer level product, but it gives us total control over our file sharing and peace of mind”

Bernard Swierczyna, IT Manager for First Ireland