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Top Four Questions From Our Recent Cloud Storage And Archiving Event

Q1. Can you help us archive to the cloud if I currently keep archives on tape?

Yes – no problem, we can set up EMC Twinstrata CloudArray as a NAS or an iSCSI SAN that is connected to the Savenet cloud object storage and use your tape backup software to restore your archive data to a UNC path or an iSCSI mounted volume on your backup server. This will allow you to migrate archive data from tape to the cloud.


Q2. What if I don’t currently use a software archiving solution?

The EMC TwinStrata CloudArray cloud gateway can be configured as a NAS or iSCSI SAN that is connected to the Savenet cloud object storage. This will allow you to manually copy archive data to a UNC path or an iSCSI mounted volume to the cloud. If you want file and email stubbing, so that your users can easily find the archive data, then you can purchase any of the leading software archiving products from vendors such as Symantec, CommVault and Waterford Technologies.

Once this software is in place you configure the archive location to be either a shared folder on the EMC Twinstrata CloudArray or a mounted iSCSI volume connected to the archive application server.


Q3. If I want to change solution providers, how can I get off your service to move to another?

The EMC TwinStrata CloudArray allows the customer to configure a volume to be sent to more than one cloud provider, so for example – you could have the data stored in both the Amazon S3 and Savenet’s cloud object store at the same time. This feature can be used to migrate data from one cloud storage provider to another.


Q4. I currently use another cloud service for archiving, how can I migrate to the Savenet archiving service?

If you are using a cloud storage gateway that supports the S3 API and multiple cloud vendors at the same time, like EMC TwinStrata CloudArray, then it is easy – just add Savenet as a second cloud storage provider on the existing volumes and copy the data to us. Once this is complete, remove the other provider and delete the data from their cloud.

If you are not currently using a cloud storage gateway like EMC TwinStrata then there are a number of free and commercial tools such as Goodsync, Cloudberry and Dragon disk that can be used to migrate the data from one cloud provider to another. Call us if you need assistance with this process.


If you have any more questions about any aspect of cloud storage and archiving, please call me on  +353 1 526 7750 or email me


Lorcan Cunningham, CTO of Savenet Solutions


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